Forza Combat Sports


About Forza


we specialize in beginners!

Forza is the premiere Combat Sports Academy in Oklahoma.  We offer Muay Thai, Youth Muay Thai, Boxing, Dutch Kickboxing, as well as cardio kickboxing. Our focus is to create a friendly and clean environment for those looking to get involved in Martial Arts and/or get fit. Our facility is outfitted with Zebra mats, Fairtex heavy bags, a full competition sized ring, and all hand made in Thailand pads and focus mitts. Our Instructors are friendly, experienced, and only teach GREAT classes. Whether you're brand new or an experienced competitor, Forza will provide structured classes designed to safely fulfill your training desires. You will sweat, you will have fun, and you will learn!


Gym Etiquette


Please “Wai” when entering or leaving the academy.

Watch your language, there are kids around

Throw away your water bottles and trash please.

Take your gear home: gloves, shin guards etc. left at the gym will be donated to the loaner bin.

Respect yourself, your instructors, your classmates, and our facility.

If you are late to class, make sure to ask the instructor if it is okay to join class.

Do not do “your own thing” our Instructors work hard on lesson plans and curriculum, if you attend class please follow instruction and do the drills provided.

If your partner is going too hard, let them know, if they continue notify the instructor.

Store your gym bags and shoes neatly in the racks provided, not the lounge, not the ring, not the benches. no one likes their bags or shoes trampled on, and no one likes maneuvering an obstacle course when getting ready for class.

Use common bathroom etiquette. We have many female team mates so boys put the toilet seat down when you’re done.

Wear Muay Thai shorts, or at least shorts that stop above the knee please.

Lastly no food or drink on the mats or the ring. Violators will be shamed!!!